Purchase contract signed: Network buys archive building in Brockhagen!

We have already reported that the Apostolic History Network has decided to purchase the previously rented archive building in Brockhagen from the New Apostolic Church Western Germany. On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, the purchase agreement was signed in Dortmund. Uwe von Oppenkowski signed for the New Apostolic Church Western Germany, and Volker Wissen (Chief Financial Officer) and Mathias Eberle (First Chairman) signed the contract for the Network. Thus, the network buys the building for a price of 150,000 euros.

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Members Vote: Network decides to buy the Brockhagen Archive building!

Since 2019, there have been considerations in the Network Apostolic History Association to purchase the archive building in Brockhagen, which has been rented until now. Talks with the owner of the building, the New Apostolic Church of West Germany, could be brought to a successful conclusion. In the month of June, the written decision on the purchase of the building was made – due to the current circumstances.

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Sing along: Catholic-apostolic anthems for July 14th!

Dear networkers, musicians, friends and acquaintances,

July 14 is approaching, and with it the anniversary of the segregation of the Twelve Apostles in London in 1835. We have commemorated this historic apostolic holiday for many years, with a memorial gathering on site in Brockhagen, and last year with a virtual commemoration via YouTube instead. We are not yet able to reopen the archive, so we want to offer a commemorative hour via YouTube again this year.

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Purchase of the Brockhagen archive – member resolution starts now!

Although we have only been able to hold a few virtual events in recent months due to the pandemic situation, the Apostolic History Network has made good use of this time. Already since 2019, there have been considerations to buy the Brockhagen archive, which we have rented so far, from the New Apostolic Church Western Germany in order to keep it permanently as an archive and event location. We now want to bring these considerations to a good end, thanks to the support of many networkers, donors, and friends.

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Joy Bells! Invitation to our virtual Easter Choir

Dear members of the Apostolic History Network, musicians, friends and acquaintances,

now it is Passion time and soon Easter will come again. Since we are still not able to make live music, we are planning a joint virtual choir song for publication on the Internet also for Easter. For this we invite you again to a virtual choir! Easter decorations and a lot of creativity are very welcome.

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More than 50.000 Euro in donations for the Brockhagen archive!

At the end of September 2020, we called for donations to support the purchase of the Brockhagen archive by the network. Since then, we have received a lot of response, encouragement, coverage and also a large amount of donations. Well over 100 different donations have now been recorded, and today, February 12, the 50,000 euro mark was clearly exceeded. Our goal of purchasing the archive in the spring or summer of 2021 has thus once again moved a great deal closer.

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New Apostolic Hymnal from 1925 online again

Bildausschnitt aus dem Neuapostolischen Gesangbuch von 1925.

For many years, the texts of New Apostolic musical literature (such as the choir songbook, the “old” New Apostolic hymnal, the public domain parts of the 2005 hymnal of the New Apostolic Church) could be accessed via the website nak-gesangbuch.de. However, the operator of this site passed away some time ago and the site is now no longer accessible.

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New in the Archive: Catholic Apostolic Choralbuch from 1865

From an inheritance we were able to acquire a unique testimony of Catholic Apostolic church music for the Brockhagen archive. It is a manuscript printed accompanying book for organ to the German Catholic Apostolic Hymnologium (hymnal) from 1865, probably intended to accompany the Hymnologium edition of 1864. The original book still needs some attention in terms of conservation, but we can already publish a photographic digital copy here.

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