The Board

The Network’s Board of Directors was elected in its current form in September 2021 at our annual meeting in Dresden.

Lasse Eggers (left) is secretary of the board and belongs to the New Apostolic Church. He was first elected to the board in 2021. Mathias Eberle (2nd from left) has been the first chairman of the Apostolic History Network since 2010. He is New Apostolic and, like Chief Financial Officer Volker Wissen (3rd from left), is one of the founding members of the network. Volker Wissen has been the network’s chief financial officer since 2010 and is active in the Apostolic Fellowship. Hans Kuritz (4th from left) was elected second chairman of the network in 2021 and is New Apostolic.

Volker Wissen is responsible for accounting and related tasks. Mathias Eberle is in charge of the archives in Brockhagen and the overall activities of the association. Hans Kuritz has his focus in the area of musical work and youth-oriented mediation of church history. Lasse Eggers, as secretary, is responsible in particular for the board and internal organization of the association.