Review: The first presentation by the Network in English- The Network and two brief American church topics

Interest in church history extends beyond those in Europe, how to expand accessibility is a challenge of languages. This presentation was the first to expand Network exposure in English.

On April 23, 2022 a modest group gathered for a virtual introduction the Apostolic History Network held in English by Ken Brown, the leading American researcher on Apostolic Church history in NorthAmerica, aka a Network member. The entire Network membership in America was in attendance, as well as members from Germany. The Network’s what, where, who, when, why, and how were reviewed, a brief video tours of the archive, as well as practical examples of Network engagement and output.

Additionally, as examples of research, the briefest of histories of the Catholic Apostolic Church was shared, with a focus on North America, a topic given little attention by most authors regarding the Catholic Apostolic Church.

The second topic built on the CAC activity in North America as to the first “new order” (German) Apostolic communities in the United States. Apostle Hoppe’s activity in the First General Apostolic Mission church (1872) was discussed, and why this cannot be considered the start of the New Apostolic in America. Rather activity in New York City (1896) and Apostle Luitsen Hoekstra coming to Buffalo (1897) marks to real start of of the NAC in America.

A short questions and answers was held, with several questions regarding how the Network is organized and business model. Based on this presentation, it appears that membership in the USA has doubled already at the time of this article.

The presentation is linked for those who were unable to attend: