Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Apostolic History Network a church association/denomination/is the Network itself New Apostolic, Catholic Apostolic, etc.?

No. According to its statutes, the Network is a neutral, interdenominational research association “under secular law.” Its members are united by an interest in the church history of those communities that arose as a result of the Catholic-Apostolic revival movement in the first half of the 19th century or that refer to it.

If the association is not a religious community, what is it, what does it do specifically?

We research church history – by organizing annual research conferences, maintaining an archive, issuing publications, organizing regional lectures, and much more.

How many members does the network have?

Currently (as of early 2020), just over 140.

What is the membership structure? Is the network dominated by any particular denomination?

The network consists of members of many different apostolic and other churches and communities, as well as non-Christians. New Apostolic Christians make up a significant portion of this, simply because of the strong spread of the New Apostolic Church in Germany and beyond. The Board of Directors is currently made up of members of the New Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Community (VAG).

And how does this network finance itself?

Through donations and contributions, especially from its members. We publish our financial report annually.

Who can become a member of the network?

Anyone and everyone with an interest in researching history! Membership supports the work of the association and our projects. We also welcome members from other countries. We already have members from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA and beyond….

What (material, time, content, moral, etc.) obligations arise from a participation in the association?

None – with the exception of the payment of the respective annual membership fee. In particular, our members are free in their personal research and in the choice of their projects etc.. However, we encourage scientifically sound, factual work.

And are donations and/or contributions tax deductible?

Yes. The network is an association recognized as a non-profit organization. Donations and contributions are fully tax deductible within the framework of the legal regulations in Germany.

What is the Network’s position on specific political or theological issues?

According to our statutes, the network as a whole abstains from any political, ideological or theological statements. The members of the network are, of course, free to express their opinions.

And that works? So all kinds of people get together and talk about apostolic church history?

Yes, exactly. It works very well and is supported by the good will of everyone involved. We are very grateful for that.