The Apostolic Song Book

The Apostolic Song Book is a collection of 230 well-known songs and chants from our history. We use it at events of the Netzwerk Apostolische Geschichte e.V. (e.g. in the context of the International Youth Day of the NAC). It forms a kind of “best-of” of the songs that are popular in the various apostolic churches and communities.

A complete list of the songs can be downloaded here!


  • IYD text edition German-English as a reversible book! (Paperback, ISBN 978-3-939291-16-9, published July 2019, 100+64 pages, price 3.90 €, order option).
  • Cheap text edition of the German part – in case you need many books (paperback, ISBN 978-3-939291-13-8, published November 2017, 114 pages, price 2.90 €, ordering option).
  • One-part melody edition (German) in sturdy cover, for frequent use (hardcover, ISBN 978-3-939291-12-1, published March 2017, 254 pages, price €9.90, ordering option).
  • Four-part accompaniment book for organ/keyboard with voicings and all German song texts (ring binder, ISBN 978-3-939291-14-5, 474 pages, price €24.90, published December 2017, ordering option).
  • Four-part edition for choir and congregation (hardcover with drawing ribbon, ISBN 978-3-939291-18-3, 375 pages, price €19.90, published June 2020, ordering option).