Archive materials of the Netzwerk

Interested parties can take a look at the archive materials on site at the Brockhagen archive. We recommend contacting us in advance in order to be able to support your research in the best possible way.

Our collection includes:

  • Journals and periodicals from the history of the apostolic communities (e.g. Pastoral Notices, Smyrna Voices, Herald, Guardian Voices, Our Family, etc.)
  • Individual publications (e.g. textbooks, pamphlets, chronicles, secondary literature)
  • Extensive collection of hymnals
  • Liturgical equipment, devotional objects, individual items
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Musical collection (records, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs)
  • Photos and illustrations
  • Reference books and Bible editions

Scanner and copier are available and can be used for a fee. Digital copies can also be taken by media (USB stick, CD-R, DVD-R) – media must be brought along!