Ludwig Hennrich files handed over to the Brockhagen archive

The New Apostolic Bishop Ludwig Hennrich (1894-1949) is still a minister with great charisma for the members of the New Apostolic Church and the Apostolische Gemeinschaft (Apostolic Community). Through his work as a minister in the Rhineland, the song lyrics he wrote, and his work during and shortly after the Second World War, he became known nationwide.

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New Apostolic Hymnal from 1925 online again

Bildausschnitt aus dem Neuapostolischen Gesangbuch von 1925.

For many years, the texts of New Apostolic musical literature (such as the choir songbook, the “old” New Apostolic hymnal, the public domain parts of the 2005 hymnal of the New Apostolic Church) could be accessed via the website However, the operator of this site passed away some time ago and the site is now no longer accessible.

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