New Apostolic Hymnal from 1925 online again

For many years, the texts of New Apostolic musical literature (such as the choir songbook, the “old” New Apostolic hymnal, the public domain parts of the 2005 hymnal of the New Apostolic Church) could be accessed via the website However, the operator of this site passed away some time ago and the site is now no longer accessible.

Thanks to a small group in the context of the Network, it has now become possible to publish online again at least the contents of the New Apostolic Hymnal of 1925 (the “old hymnal”). Although the book was largely taken out of church use in the New Apostolic Church in 2005, it is still used in some smaller communities and in private settings.

The contents can be found in a first version at the link Some additions are still planned, e.g. a comprehensive search function.

A printed version with the same content can also be purchased as a book-on-demand in addition to this online publication. A scan of the hymnal for download as a pdf file (75 MB) is available from the Network’s digitized resources.

The German NAC Hymnal of 1925 (later edition).
The German NAC Hymnal of 1925 (later edition).