About the Apostolic History Network

The Apostolic History Network is an independent lay initiative for researching the church history of the apostolic communities, i.e. all those groupings that – directly or indirectly – arose from the call of modern apostles in the environment of July 14, 1835 (Catholic Apostolic communities), or trace themselves back to it in a broader sense. The network was and is financially independent and lives on the contributions and donations of its members and friends of the apostolic church history.

Due to the increasing activities of the network, which was founded in 2008, it was decided on Sunday, September 5, 2010 in Bielefeld to found the non-profit supporting association “Netzwerk Apostolische Geschichte e.V.”. Mathias Eberle (Bielefeld, first chairman), Sebastian Müller (Kabelsketal, second chairman) and Volker Wissen (Düsseldorf, treasurer) were elected as the board of this association. In 2012, 2014 and 2016, the board was unanimously re-elected.

At the board elections in Dresden 2021, Sebastian Müller-Bahr stepped down as second chairman. Hans Kuritz (Werder) was elected second chairman in his place. Since then, Lasse Eggers (Olbernhau) has held the new position of secretary. The current board introduces itself on this page.

The association coordinates the activities of the Network Apostolic History and forms an organizational basis for research projects and events. It is recognized as a non-profit organization and also supports the Brockhagen Archive on Apostolic Church History. Another focus is the publication of research papers and the denominational research of the apostolic communities.

An application for membership in the research network is open to all interested parties.