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Monetary donations

Preserving history costs money. Although we have been able to realize many projects on a voluntary basis so far, it is still necessary to put projects and permanent actions on a solid financial basis:

  • The websites we provide with thousands of documents and information pages cost about 10 Euro per month (,, etc.)
  • Digitizing a book the size of the Catholic Apostolic Liturgy and making it accessible to the general public costs around 270 Euro.
  • Maintaining the Brockhagen Archive costs currently around 400 Euro per month. This does not include occasional repairs to the building, which is over 35 years old.

Please help us! Even a small amount helps us enormously to be able to continue our work.

EU, SEPA area

Your donations and contributions are tax deductible in Germany (deductibility in other countries of the European Union is possible)! If you need a donation receipt, please indicate your address in the purpose of use.

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International Donations

For our friends and members outside the SEPA area we offer the chance to use our Paypal account for donations.

Thank you very much for your support and your trust.

If you have any questions about our projects, donation receipts or other ways of financial support, please feel free to contact us at any time at

Donations of books, exhibits etc.

We are always happy to receive donations that enrich our collection in the Brockhagen archive. Please contact us if you would like to send us something:

In general: If the items you would like to offer are German-language writings of the New Apostolic Church after about 1920, they are probably already available in the archive.