Purchase contract signed: Network buys archive building in Brockhagen!

We have already reported that the Apostolic History Network has decided to purchase the previously rented archive building in Brockhagen from the New Apostolic Church Western Germany. On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, the purchase agreement was signed in Dortmund. Uwe von Oppenkowski signed for the New Apostolic Church Western Germany, and Volker Wissen (Chief Financial Officer) and Mathias Eberle (First Chairman) signed the contract for the Network. Thus, the network buys the building for a price of 150,000 euros.

Due to the great response to our appeal for donations, we are able to finance one third of the purchase price and the incidental purchase costs from our own funds. We are financing the remaining amount of 100,000 euros through a bank loan. The corresponding loan agreement was already signed last Thursday in Steinhagen.

Many networkers and friends of the archive have announced or planned to support the payment of the associated installments with a monthly additional donation. We are pleased about this and grateful for all regular donations, large or small, to be able to handle the purchase.

Information on donating to the network is available here: Donate!

Volker Wissen and Mathias Eberle with the signed contract and the land charge order.