Sing along: Catholic-apostolic anthems for July 14th!

Dear networkers, musicians, friends and acquaintances,

July 14 is approaching, and with it the anniversary of the segregation of the Twelve Apostles in London in 1835. We have commemorated this historic apostolic holiday for many years, with a memorial gathering on site in Brockhagen, and last year with a virtual commemoration via YouTube instead. We are not yet able to reopen the archive, so we want to offer a commemorative hour via YouTube again this year.

In this context we would also like to sound again some pieces that were sung in the Catholic Apostolic congregations:

  • Apostolisches Liederbuch Nr. 49 “Du Hirte Israels bist ungeschieden”, stanzas 1, 2, and 6.
  • Apostolisches Liederbuch Nr. 127 “Wasserströme will ich gießen”, all stanzas
  • E.H. Turpin – “Lord, I have loved”, choral piece from the English evening service.

And we invite you all to join in the singing! Feel free to forward this invitation to others! Of course, you don’t have to send videos for all the pieces – but we welcome all submissions.

Our Network Music Working Group has prepared a download with sheet music, sing-along recordings and instructions: (20 MB)

Feel free to participate! No matter from which country, apostolic or other denomination, etc.!
The “closing date” for all recordings is

July 9, 2021.

After that, we will start editing the contributions so that the pieces can be included in our virtual memorial gathering. They will also be available separately for listening and sharing on our YouTube channel.