Virtual lectures 2021

An important field of work of the Network Apostolic History are lectures on church history. However, due to the general situation, we have not been able to offer lectures locally – in Brockhagen and elsewhere – since February 2020. We think that will probably not be possible in 2021 either.

We have now reached the point where, in consultation with some of our speakers, we have planned lectures in virtual form for the first half of 2021. In this area, we are for the most part still beginners, but some of our speakers have already been able to gain experience with virtual live presentations. Therefore, we are pleased to now present our first purely virtual lecture program:

The lectures listed there will be held in German. If/as soon as we can offer further lectures on other topics (or in other languages), we will update the website accordingly.

All lectures are offered free of charge. However, we would appreciate a small donation to the Apostolic History Network for the organization and realization of the lectures:

The lectures will not be recorded in advance, but will be held live with the announced speakers. In order to keep the number of people in a manageable range, registration is required in each case. There should also be an opportunity for questions and discussion in all sessions. The first session is intended as a test session to give you the opportunity to dial in once, test your own equipment and chat with us a bit.

There will certainly be technical challenges and problems, especially in the beginning. We ask for your understanding and support, and are constantly working on optimizations and improvements.